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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Dec 8, 2007 6:44am
Forum: etree Subject: help me get epic Sugaree show-openers

*** sorry I posted here *** should have been Grateful Dead

I'm searching for tapes that can be downloaded here on LMA, or etree, or traded easily. The LMA has (4) of the best ever played. I already have them. I'm lookin' for this good, or better.

Winterland 1978

Oakland Auditorium 1979

Anchorage 1980

Lake Placid 1983

I'm addicted to Sugaree. thanks. a guy below put up a post like this, lookin' for Duane and Jerry. It was helpful.

bluedevil, you're killin' me. That was good. I figured I'd spark something many of us would take a fighting stand for. This always cracks me up! I followed your thread. This one guy below nails it!


This thread pops up here every few months. Therefore, as a time saver, I will summarize the usual course of the 'Best Sugaree' Thread.

1.) Within 24 hours of beginning the 'Best Sugaree' thread, at least three people (including Seth Jackson) will nominate 5/28/77.
2.) I will point out that, while it is the longest (about 19 minutes), the 17 minute 10/16/77 version is better.
3.) Someone will say we're all wrong and nominate 5/5/77.
4.) Someone else will accuse us all of being antiBrent and nominate 10/17/83.
5.) A pro/con Brent thread will branch off.
6.) 5/28/77 will get two more votes.
7.) Suggestions from knowledgable people will be made for 3/18/77, 5/19/77, 6/8/77, 12/1/79, and 12/28/79.
8.) Someone who has never heard a 1977 version will nominate a version from 1994. Nevermind that Garcia thought for the night that the second verse began with "Ran into the devil..."
9.) Someone, only having heard on tape one show from 1977, will nominate 4/27/77.
10.) Someone will nominate a version from 1973. Nevermind that all pre 1975 versions are virtually indistinguishable from one another.
11.) The pro/con Brent thread becomes a major flame war.
12.) A libertarian will pea in a cup.
13.) Someone will ask if anyone has ever heard 5/28/77.
14.) The pro/con Brent thread is busted in L.A.
15.) Someone asks if Phish ever played Sugaree.
16.) Another flame war begins.
17.) 5/28/77 is suggested for DPXII
18.) Dick gets busted in L.A.
19.) Someone asks 'What's your favorite Row Jimmy?".

As to Comes a Time... 5/4/77 is my favorite, made all the better by its setlist neighbors, but 5/9/77 and 5/21/77 are worth looking into as well.... And for some reason, I really liked 10/19/72 as well..

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Poster: bluedevil Date: Dec 7, 2007 11:48am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: help me get epic Sugaree show-openers

I was going to rec that lake placid show - really love that sugaree. I'm sure this post has been hit before.

Not necessarily show-openers:

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Poster: mtnjellyfish Date: Dec 7, 2007 3:15pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: help me get epic Sugaree show-openers

I'm cure that you know that there is a separate Grateful Dead forum. It's designed for just such discussions cause Deadheads (myself included) can have a different mindframe amd perspective than normals (whoever they are). Peace, Richard